Architect | 3D Visualiser
Ordem dos Arquitectos | 20145
Raised in Setúbal, where he was born in 1976, he took his master degree in Architecture at Moderna University’s Private Faculty of Architecture (UM-Dinensino), Portugal from where he graduated. 
Worked on architectural offices like Espaço a3 - arquitectura personalizada in Seixal, Portugal and Humberto Conde - Arquitectos In Lisbon, Portugal, where it allowed him to improve is skills as a 3d Visualiser
In a brief but fruitful experience abroad, André worked as a 3D Designer with Immo Friedli AG in Bern, Switzerland.
In 2017 André founds is own studio based in Setúbal, Portugal and work on his accounts worldwide, delivering breathtaking, innovative images to all those who seek him. 
André is most proud of the Architect Prize awarded by the Automobile Museum of Portugal, which followed a joint architecture project with Ricardo Serra and David Quinas. 
He is also currently collaborating with the Vera Nunes architectural firm in Palmela, Portugal, where he performs the 3D Architectural Visualisations.
Innovation, uniqueness and professionalism.
Passionate for virtual worlds, he would like to provide his clients with the best visual experience.
Setúbal | Portugal
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